Guide to information

The Council's A-Z web page provides a guide to the information available and there is also a search facility to help you to find other information that may not be included in the A-Z. Some links are provided in this guide to help you but these are not necessarily comprehensive and therefore you should rely on the A-Z page or search facility.

The guidance below is intended to help you by giving some examples of the type of information that the Council routinely makes available.

Where a document is indicated within this guidance it will be the current version.

Who we are and what we do

The Council's governing document

Information about the functioning and process of meetings (Council Meetings, Cabinet and other committees).

Information about decision-making and scrutiny

Information about the various departments of the Council

Contact details for Chief Executive and Assistant Chief Executives.

Information about locations, opening time and contact details of the Council's centres/buildings, which are there to enable public access Council services.

Currently elected councillors including party, membership of committees, addresses, telephone number and e-mail contacts.

Telephone numbers for customer contacts

Election results indicating the political composition of the Council

Information, for example, about the local strategic partnership.

What we spend and how we spend it

  • Financial statements, budgets and variance reports

The Council's Statement of Accountsand Council meetings.

  • Capital Programme

The Capital Programme and Asset Management Plan.

  • Spending reviews

The Council's Statement of Accounts and Council meetings.

  • Financial audit reports

Audit Committee

  • The member's allowances scheme and allowances paid under it to councillors each year

For example basic and special allowances and Council's Statement of Accounts.

  • Staff allowances and expenses

Staff car allowance rates and subsistence rates as published by South East Employers.

Salary bands for all grades, including senior and chief officer grades.

Advertised individually in accordance with the Council's Standing Orders for Contracts

  • List of contracts awarded and their value
  • Details of contracts currently being tendered

Contracts awarded under the Public Contract Regulations 2006 as published in The Official Journal of the European Journal.

Contracts register

  • District Auditor's reports

Audit Committee

  • Financial Statements for projects and events

The Council's basic and special allowances and Council meetings Internal financial regulations

Financial regulations under the Council's standing orders, as contained in the Council's constitution.

  • Funding and partnership arrangements

Detailed in Cabinet reports

What our priorities are and how are we doing

  • Annual Reports

Corporate Plan

  • Strategies and business plans for services provided by the Council

Strategies, business and service plan for departments and services including the Community Plan, Procurement Strategy and Air Quality Strategy.

  • Best Value performance plans

For example the Corporate Plan

Performance information including for example Comprehensive Performance Assessments, The Corporate Plan and various strategies.

  • Strategies developed in partnership with other authorities

Joint Municipal Waste Strategy

  • Economic development action plan

Asset Management plan

The Council's Forward Plan which details key decisions that the Council is going to take over a 25 month period

  • Capital strategy

Capital Programme and Asset Management Plan

  • Best value performance indicators

Information about the Corporate Plan and progress on performance indicators

  • District auditor's report on the best value performance plan and performance indicators

District Audit Reports

  • Comprehensive performance assessment

Information about the Comprehensive Performance Assessment

  • Inspection reports

Publicly available inspection reports for example housing services and planning

  • Local Area Agreements

Partnership agreements made by the Council by working with various groups and partnerships in the public, private, voluntary, community and faith sectors.

  • Statistical information produced in accordance with the Council's and departmental requirements

For example key statistics by ward and town

  • Impact Assessments

Equality Impact Assessments; copies can be obtained by writing to the Deputy Chief Executive.

  • Service standards

Customer Care Charters

  • Public service agreements

Local public service agreements administered by Surrey County Council

How we make decisions

Committee dates for current year

Major policy proposals and decisions

Information on the Council Constitution and via public information on the Council's decision recording system

Information on the Forward Plan and via public information on the Council's decision recording system

  • Public consultations

Consultation papers or information, any summary of responses and the outcome of the consultation exercise.

Our policies and procedures

The Council's constitution

  • Policies and procedures for delivering our services

For example Corporate Customer Charter and Housing Advice - our service commitment

  • Policies and procedures about the recruitment and employment of staff

For example employment information, current vacancies and equalities scheme

  • Customer service

For example corporate customer charter and Opinions... because your opinions matter

  • Records management and personal data policies

For example Data Protection Policy and pdf icon Records Management Policy [74kb]

For example licensing fees and charges, building control charges and local land charges.

Lists and registers

Available for inspection only

  • Public registers and registers held as public records

For example Register of Electors, Register of Premises Licences and Club Premises Licences and Register of Hackney Carriage Drivers

  • Asset Registers and information asset register

Asset Management Plan

The Council does not have an information asset register

  • Register of councillors' financial and other interests

Register of Members' interests in accordance with Section 81 of the Local Government Act 2000.

  • Register of gifts and hospitality

For council staff at all levels

  • Highways, licensing, planning, commons, footpaths etc

Register of Premises Licences and Club Premises Licences, Register of Hackney Carriage Drivers and register of Planning Applications. For planning applications see the My Spelthorne

The register of electors and information about the register and where it can be inspected

Services provided by the Council

For example hackney carriage and private hire licensing, premise and club premise licensing and personal licensing

For example business services and advice in respect of financial support, property advice, business opportunities, recruitment of staff.

  • Services for other organisations

For example youth and

For example licensing fees and charges, building control charges and local land charges fees.

  • Information to visitors to the area, leisure information, events, museums, libraries and archive collections

Information about local area

  • Leaflets, booklets and newsletters

Various leaflets and council publications available on-line, in Council Office and libraries etc

  • Advice and guidance

For example advice on and healthy living

Press statement and releases

For example election results, forthcoming elections and voting procedures