New Local Plan for Spelthorne

Each local planning authority has to have an up-to-date Local Plan setting out the policies and proposals that will guide development in the area. Spelthorne Council is preparing a new Local Plan for the Borough to cover the period 2020 - 2035.

We have updated our pdf icon Local Development Scheme 2017-2021 [479kb] with a revised timetable to take account of the additional work the Strategic Planning Team is undertaking in order to respond to the Heathrow Expansion proposals.  As a result, we are now intending to hold our next public consultation on Preferred Options in Summer 2019.  This was agreed in September 2018.

pdf icon Local Plan FAQs [484kb]

                     Local Plan Update - December 2018

Consultation on the Draft Site Selection Methodology

The new Local Plan must allocate sufficient land in appropriate locations for the Council to demonstrate how it will positively meet its housing and employment needs and secure land for infrastructure to support anticipated levels of growth.  The pdf icon Draft Site Selection Methodology [437kb] demonstrates the Council's approach to identifying suitable sites for development to meet the identified needs set out in the Local Plan.

The consultation on the draft Site Selection Methodology is now closed and the Council is in the process of reviewing the representations received.  The representations, the Council's associated responses and the final methodology will be published on the website in due course.

Please note that whilst the Council will not share or make public the personal information held, responses to consultations cannot be treated as confidential.


Issues and Options Response Document

We carried out our pdf icon Issues and Options Consultation [1Mb] in May and June 2018 and have published our pdf icon Issues and Options consultation response document [395kb], where you can view the summary responses to our first consultation.  If you have registered on our consultation portal you can also log in to view the responses in full.

If you are interested in the preparation of the new Local Plan and related documents and wish to be notified about future consultations or events please register at

Evidence Base

During the period from now until our next consultation, the team is busy continuing to produce evidence and developing options for the new Local Plan.  Part of this evidence includes a Stage 2 Green Belt Assessment, which will be assessing smaller parcels of land already reviewed at Stage 1: Spelthorne Green Belt Assessment Report [8Mb].  The methodology for Stage 2 was subject to consultation in July/August 2018 and is available to view: Green Belt Assessment - Stage 2 Methodology [596kb].

We will be publishing the Stage 2 assessment and other relevant evidence when we carry out our next public consultation in Summer 2019.  This will ensure it can be considered in the context of the new Local Plan as a whole and the options we consult on.  We will decide on a suitable length of consultation beyond the usual 6 weeks that allows for all the documents to be read and digested by all our residents and stakeholders.

More information can be found on the Evidence Base and Supporting Documents page.